5 tips on how to choose your olive oil


Make sure it is EXTRA VIRGIN olive oil. That means it comes from the cold pressing of the olives. Extra virgin olive oil is less processed and richer in vitamins and antioxidants. But watch out! Not all extra virgin olive oils are equal.


Seek for strong grassy-fresh olive smell, mildly bitter taste and a burn in your throat (the more it burns the richer it is in antioxidants). Bitterness, pepperiness & a pungent taste consist the flavor profile you should aim for. Fresh, unprocessed olive oil is deep dark green. If it is yellow, do not buy it. Also, make sure you choose an oil that is not exposed to light, i.e prefer dark bottles or tins.


There’s so much fraud out there with olive oil.So make sure you have as much informationas possible about its origin. Region, variety,name of producer. Honest producers put allthe info on the bottle. Prefer single varietyand origin. The less the blending the better.


Early harvest oils tend to be more expensivebut also have a better nutritional andantioxidant-rich profile.


Polyphenols are directly related to the healthbenefits of olive oil. If you are purchasing ahigh phenolic olive oil for its health benefits,try to consume it daily and preferably rawon your foods and salads.
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